A video introduction to DayBreak Adult Care Centers in Alameda County.

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"We’re able to claim back some of that mother–daughter time again because I’m not responsible 100% of the time." – Family Caregiver
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"Every day I give thanks for this place where good people are helping me to get stronger from my strokes. It helps to give my life fullness and meaning." – Center Participant
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"Because she’s talking with other people, and singing and dancing and doing the exercises, it’s made her stronger." – Family Caregiver

Supporting independence and enhancing quality of life

Seniors and adults with disabilities who are physically, mentally, and socially engaged stay healthier and live independently longer. DayBreak helps you find high-quality programs and services that provide the right level of activities and care.

Individuals & Caregivers

You’ll find a range of high-quality programs for seniors, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers.

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Healthcare Professionals

We provide resources and information to help social workers, physicians, discharge planners, and other professionals find the right programs and services for clients.

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Adult Care Centers

Choose from 12 centers across Alameda County, each offering a core set of services plus different specialties and levels of care.

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Getting Started

Participating in an adult care center brings positive benefits for individuals and caregivers alike. Yet, considering enrollment and selecting a center can feel overwhelming and bring up mixed feelings. The steps below can help you get started. You can also contact the experienced staff at DayBreak to help guide you through this process.

Identify your needs

Think about the needs of the person who will use the center as well as the needs of the family caregivers. Make a list, such as health monitoring, physical therapy, hours of operation, transportation, and language capacity.

Learn about the centers and the programs they offer

Each center offers a set of services and programs. See the Alameda County Centers and Program Models and Services pages, or call the centers directly for more information. You can also call the DayBreak office at 510-883-0874 – our staff can talk with you about each of the centers in the County.

Make an appointment to visit a center

After you determine the centers with the programs you’re interested in, arrange for a visit, tour the program and meet the staff.

Learn about payment options and insurance coverage

The staff at DayBreak or the centers can give you complete details about costs and payment options – including the latest information about Medi-Cal benefits and requirements.

Get your questions answered and select a center

Center staff welcome follow-up questions or feel free to call us at DayBreak so you can choose the center and programs that are the best fit. The center you select will guide you through the enrollment process.

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12 centers located in Alameda County

Seniors and adults with disabilities enjoy a welcoming and engaging environment that fosters independence – with opportunities to socialize, make friends, exercise and participate in stimulating activities. Family caregivers benefit, too – with support, guidance and more time to balance their own lives.

ASEB (Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay)

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Bay Area Community Services (BACS)

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Center for Elders’ Independence

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Hong Fook Community Based Adult Services Centers

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