Queer Caregiver Support Group – Women Supporting Female Partners

Queer Caregiver Support Group – Women Supporting Female Partners

When aging intersects with being queer/alphabet, we need community resources that understand the specific concerns that arise from being part of two oppressed social categories.

This support group for women caring for sick or elderly women partners has been held for about a year and has been a good resource for many. It is now opening up to more participants–please see the flyer below and contact Patricia to RSVP or find out more!

(510) 574-2091

Support Group for Women Caring for their Women Partners

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LGBTQ seniors came of age at a time when it was criminal and considered sick to be LGBTQ. They often were fired from jobs; evicted from their homes; disowned by family, friends, and community; dishonorably discharged from the military; hospitalized in psychiatric wards; taunted; sometimes arrested and imprisoned; and beaten. Thus, for most LGBTQ persons – during earlier times in particular – the only way to survive was to be “closeted,” to hide their sexual orientation and gender identity from family, employers, neighbors, and officials, and attempt to “pass” as heterosexual. This survival tool of remaining hidden, though necessary in the past, often places the health and well-being of many older LGBTQs at high risk. Many avoid supportive services all together for fear of outing themselves. Both fear and isolation can become a serious threat when an LGBTQ senior grows frail and vulnerable. It also is not uncommon for LGBTQ seniors to lack family support to aid in care giving.

If you are interested in providing support to the LGBT Senior Community, please visit Lavender Seniors.

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